Monday, April 13, 2015

A sentencA secoond sentence

A sentence from my journal regarding Iguazu Falls: The gauzy, sun-sifted spray, half falling, half floating, seemed infinitely fine and gentle, but the thunder-like detonations of water hitting the granite boulders below blasted up from the canyon, telling a story of force beyond any power I’ve known.
alan chin

A second sentence from The Wet Skirt (A Napkin)"The tip of her penis peeped out of her panties as she preened herself in the ladies; room of the Pix porno theater"
mykola  dementiuk.

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Neil Plakcy said...

Here's the first sentence from a short story I'm working on:

Biff Andromeda knew there was real magic in the world, and false magic, and it took a genie to tell the difference.