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Sissy Godiva excerpt by Mykola Dementiuk

In Sissy Godiva excerpt by Mykola Dementiuk it's love at first sight when Vinnie sees Sissy Godiva -- who used to be his high school classmate, Joey. She’s feminine and beautiful in her fluttery halter tops, tight leggings, and beehive hairdo. Vinnie sees her everywhere he goes in the Lower East Side that free-love '60s summer. He's half in love with her, though he isn't queer, “no stinking way.”

He tells his neighbor, Mr. Phillips, about her during one of their afternoon jerk-off sessions. When it turns out Mr. Phillips knows Sissy, Vinnie invites her over so they can all jerk-off together -- just three guys doing what they have to do, right? No touching. No emotions. Nothing “faggoty.”

But Vinnie finds himself being pulled closer and closer to Sissy, hanging with her and her trannie friends, visiting the Giddy Up! gay bar with her, having sex and waking up naked beside her in the East River Park. Sissy’s mercurial temper doesn’t make her easy to get along with, and Vinnie isn't a queer.

Are Vinnie and Sissy meant for each other? How can Vinnie keep her when everybody in the Lower East Side wants her? Is he just infatuated -- or is he really queer?

Sissy Godiva
JMS Books
ISBN: 9781611524840


The Lower East Side was crawling with drunks and party people going after whatever they could get on Friday nights. No bar turned a drinker away—they might check some kid’s phony ID—but after glancing at it they’d let you in, as long as you had some kind of ID.
So one Friday I stood outside the Giddy Up! on Avenue A. I stood looking at the women, transvestites really, some dressed like hookers, others like elegant movie stars, as they went inside. As usual, my dick was stiff and eager for satisfaction. I stood in a nearby doorway and the six-foot bouncer kept looking my way, finally dismissing me as unimportant. I was glad I he’d dismissed me. I was always trying to be invisible.

I finally saw beautiful Sissy Godiva coming down the street. My penis had been aching for her the past few days and I instantly grew harder. It was like an ocean wave pushing aside the inconsequential things in my life and leaving nothing but her. At first I thought she was wearing pants, but then I saw she was wearing dark pantyhose that barely covered her skimpy panties. She wore a small bra, like a girl’s training bra, on her flat chest. My mouth fell open and I started drooling. Sissy melted, oozed, gelled down the street. I stood up from my slouch, certain that she’d recognize me, but she just looked at me and kept walking. Christ! Suddenly she turned back.

“Oh, my God, it’s Vinnie!” she shrieked, rushing at me, then grabbing my face and kissing me. “He saved my life, carried me down four flights of stairs in a burning building and saved my life! Oh, my God, I love him so much!” She planted wet kisses on my face, and I did what came naturally: I kissed her back.

We finally broke from each other exhausted but she kept saying “he saved my life” to everyone who passed by. “Carried me out of a burning building, risked his own life to save mine.” Some people looked, some nodded and smiled, others just glared and went their way.

I grinned and felt myself blush. “It wasn’t really burning, just smoky. A little fire, nothing big,” I said, shrugging off her praises.

She shook her head, dismissing my words. “So bad that I passed out, me and my girlfriend Tonya, but you carried me in your arms,” she blushed, “and we were both naked like little babies. Imagine that, my naked hero!” And she smothered me with kisses. It was great to be the center of attention for once! Though I suspected that she’d had more than a few drinks before she got here. And I knew she was into drugs, too, but I didn’t care.

She pulled me over to the door, winking at the big bouncer. “This is my savior,” she whispered, holding me. “He carried me out of a burning building, my hero,” she fluttered her eyelashes so passionately that I felt I really was her savior and that she was in love with me.

“Did he, now?” the bouncer asked, looking me over but lowering the guard rope and winking at Sissy. “My treat, baby,” he said, then leered at me. “Can you carry me out of a burning building, too?” I felt myself blush as I followed Sissy inside, the bouncer laughing behind us.

Country-western music blasted from the jukebox as we walked past men talking and eyeing me. A group of schoolgirls was at the other end of the bar; Sissy pulled me over to them. I lowered my head as I followed, suddenly realizing that they weren’t schoolgirls but guys pretending to be little girls in hopes of getting a big man for some action: the usual Friday-night scene.

“Meet Vinnie, my hero,” Sissy gushed, and told the story again. You’ll do that when you’re drunk, you’ll gab and gab all night, telling the same story that no one’s interested in. “He saved me from a burning building and I’ll always be grateful to him.” She pecked my cheek as the schoolgirls sneered and went back to their talking and drinking. Two or three came over, though, looking as exciting as real women with real tits, and gossiped around us.

“Oh, my God,” Sissy squealed, “I love this song!” She shut her eyes as she started swaying to Gershwin’s Summertime, sung by Janice Joplin. It couldn’t be a favorite in the Giddy Up! bar, but I felt the song’s erotic mood as Sissy sang and swayed against me. It focused my attention on sex, made me want to fuck her, and fuck her right there!

Sissy rubbed against my crotch and I shut my eyes and swayed with her, our two hard dicks straining to reach each other. Sweat poured between our bodies. I ejaculated, and I’m sure she did, too, spilling onto ourselves, cuming in our clothes and with each other.
When the music stopped and a steel guitar started up, we were braced against each other, lost in our closeness, our bodies pressed together and our arms around each other, feeling that nothing would ever tear us apart.

“Let’s get out of here,” Sissy shouted, finishing her rum and Coke. “I wanna be alone with you.”

I gulped my screwdriver and we put our arms around each other and staggered to the door. The street noise was as loud as the music behind us, but we didn’t care. We were one.
Only when we’d climbed the FDR Drive overpass and had started down into the East River Park did I suddenly realize where we were. “Why are we going into the park? There’s nothing there at this hour.”

“Exactly. That’s the point. We’ll be there and we’ll be alone together. Don’t you want that?”

I pulled her tighter as we entered the wide, desolate East River Park, eerie at this hour. Making our way to the concourse over the river, we saw a tugboat chugging under the Williamsburg Bridge. High above us, the bridge traffic streamed, into and out of the city. At night the park looked enticing. I loved it!

We walked a little way into the park and she pulled me onto a bench. She started kissing me, undoing my zipper and reaching for my penis. I did the same, reaching into her skimpy nylon pants and then I’d quickly stripped her. We were both naked. But we didn’t care, lost in our togetherness we kissed and sucked, our hungry longings sweeping over us. We fucked each other over and over through the night.

It wasn’t until dawn, after we’d spent all night romping, laughing, and chasing each other through the grass, playgrounds, and paths, hugging, kissing, and giving ourselves to our passions, that I suddenly came to.

“Where are our clothes?” I asked, looking at the quiet park and the single car moving along FDR Drive.
We were lying naked on the playing field. She cuddled closer, shrugging and yawning. “Somewhere, anywhere, who gives a shit?” She shut her eyes and looked like she was going to fall asleep.
But I sprang up. “I’m naked! Where are our clothes?”

The playing field was empty. I found some shorts by a fence near the river. Were they mine? I pulled them on, then saw a pair of skimpy panties under a clump of bushes. But where were the rest of our clothes? Had we tossed them into the river in the giddiness we were feeling in the night? I almost thought so, with the large shorts hanging loose on me.

I walked some more. Near a playground on Tenth Street, under a clump of bushes, was a man’s black raincoat. It looked like it had been there for days, if not weeks. I picked it up. It was moldy and faded, but I shook it I out and saw it was big enough for her to wear. I hurried back across the lightening playing field. She looked so peaceful. I bent down to her as a few more cars moved along the Drive.

“Sissy, wake up,” I said. “We gotta go, it’s almost dawn. Sissy! Sissy Godiva!”
She stretched and groaned. “Oh, man, I was sleeping so peaceful. You go, leave me here, where I belong.” She curled up, her thumb in her mouth like a little baby. She didn’t seem to care that she was lying on the grass.

“Sissy, get up! I just found these panties, at least put them on.”
She opened her eyes and sat up. “Those aren’t mine,” she shook her head. “Mine had colored polka dots. Those are boring green ones, and they’re torn, too. Who’s gonna wear that? Not me!”
I looked down at the shorts I had on. They weren’t mine. Damn, wearing another man’s underwear, totally gross! But what was the alternative, walking through the streets utterly naked?

“Oh, big deal, put them on, at least till you get home. Then you can change into whatever you want. And here’s a raincoat I found.”

“That’s disgusting! I’m not putting on something from the garbage. What you think I am, a bum? I am what I want to be. Sissy Godiva, that’s who I am.” She looked dreamily at me. “Don’t you remember last night? We threw our clothes into the river.”

Damn, she was absolutely right! I remembered it now, throwing my T-shirt in, and then she threw in her little bra and skimpy nylon pants. I tossed my trousers in and we watched everything float down the river, away into the darkness, our giddy laughter following them.

She shrugged. “It was your idea, not mine.”

I dropped down beside her, still clutching the raincoat and green panties. “Put them on anyway,” I sighed. “At least it’s something till you get home.”

She shook her head. “I’m right where I want to be, nice and naked here in the park. You go home if you want to, I’m going to sleep. But pick me up tomorrow after six. I should be home by then.” She curled back up on the grass and started to suck her thumb. I watched her for a moment, bit my lips in indecision, then put the raincoat on top of her and the green panties nearby. She looked content lying there.

I ran for the park exit as the sun rose, bringing Saturday morning.

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Victor J. Banis said...

Mick, sorry to be slow, doctors and such. Loved the excerpt, as always - actually, I found this one very funny - in the usual gritty Mick way. I think you should do more humor - or have I just missed it?

Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

Victor, Many times I did hold back in my humor thinking it was wrong the way my characters are but I should let it go and let the stupid/absurd/hilarious take over as one side of me wants while the squirming restrains doen't. You're right Victor, time to meet the funny absurd me, watch out world Asshole Mick's is coming...or cuming, hehehe!