Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Obligations excerpt by Vivien Dean & Rick R Reed

In Family Obligations by Vivien Dean & Rick R Reed, Tate D’Angelo always believed he knew who his father was. Beloved doctor, devoted husband and father, a kind soul...these were the words shared by everyone who came to his funeral. So when his father’s old college buddy, Randy, approaches him after the service, Tate expects to hear echoes of the same.

What he gets, instead, is almost a lifetime’s worth of letters that tell him so much more and cause him to view his father—and his family—in a whole new light.

The truth, about a secret love kept buried for decades, astonishes him. Overwhelmed by grief and confusion, Tate’s unsure if he can bear hearing how the lives of these two men entwined over the years, but he reads on anyway, discovering more to value, more to respect, and most importantly, more to love about the man who raised him.

Family Obligations
Amber Allure
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-445-8 (Ebook)

 This poignant and deeply romantic tale, “Family Obligations,” by Vivien Dean and Rick R. Reed is the story of two men, who, because of the times, because of “family obligations” could never see their love come to fruition.   After his father’s death, one of the men’s sons finds their correspondence over the years and reveals a cache of secrets, hidden memories, and thwarted passion.


June 5, 1973

Dear Randy,

Well, kid, it’s been three days, fifteen hours, and 27 minutes since we graduated and I last saw you. But who’s counting?

I don’t know how often I’ll be able to write, what with starting medical school and planning for my wedding. But I wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and, oh hell, how very much I miss you.

I know this is hard. I know you wanted something else. But it just can’t be. The world doesn’t look kindly on two men as a couple, especially if one of them plans on being a pediatrician. And besides, as I’ve told you, I love Sharon in my way. She’s a great girl and I know she’s crazy about me. We have a good relationship and I can foresee a great future with her.

Oh shit, who am I trying to kid? She’s a wonderful woman and I do love her, with all my heart. But I love you, Randy, more. She can never know this.

But I still ache when I think of leaving you just as dawn was breaking the other morning, looking up at you standing in the window of your apartment, watching me, your hand pressed against the glass.

I wanted so much to turn around, to just say fuck it all to a world that disapproves of something as pure and honest and passionate as what we shared. I wanted to run back up the stairs and into your arms, to cover you with kisses, and take you back to bed—one more time.

Could you see that on my face? Could you see the longing and the pain?

I don’t know what will happen with us, I only know I hope to hear from you sometimes. I can’t, much as my head tells me to, just sever all ties with you. It’s a dangerous game, but a world without you in it, in at least some small way, is a world I can’t bear living in.

My heart won’t let me say goodbye, not completely.

I know that’s not fair to you, but I also know a handsome guy like you, with such talented hands, will not be alone for long. You too will find a nice girl and settle down, have kids, just like I plan to do.

And who knows? Maybe there will come a time when we can all get together, with our families. Maybe, after a while, these desires we have for each other will be replaced by friendship and respect, edged out by the love we have for our wives.

 I hope so. But today, I am missing you and wishing, so hard, you were here in Miami with me.

 I start my summer job waiting table at a little seafood place on the beach tomorrow—and med school awaits at the University of Miami in the fall.

 Take care of yourself, Randy, and please, no matter what, don’t forget what we shared. I know I won’t.
Much Love,

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Victor J. Banis said...

This is so un-Rick Reed, I'm not sure what to say, even. It's lovely and promises much. I guess there's only one way to see if it I feel sure it will

Anel Viz said...

Is it a semi-epistolary novel, Rick? Of the many once common novelistic forms that have fallen out of favor, this is one that IMO deserves resurrection.
And yes, Victor, this is very unlike the other Reed I've read. But I haven't read anything by Vivien Dean. Is this your 1st collaboration, Rick? How would you rate the experience?

Lloyd Meeker said...

I'm glad to read this excerpt in the context of last week's Supreme Court decision. The comfort I get from that makes me strong enough to look again at how many lives have been diverted from their natural course by intolerance of same-sex love.

Rick Reed said...

Anel, you are correct. I haven't done much collaborating, but working with Vivien was a joy. She's very accomplished. By the way, I wrote the letter in the excerpt.