Monday, February 2, 2015

The Jasmine Hero from Hot Steamy Shorts excerpt by Neil Plakcy

Neil Plakcy first began writing about bodyguards Aidan Greene and Liam McCullough in his M/M romance-adventure novel, Three Wrong Turns in the Desert, published by Loose Id.  This short story, “The Jasmine Hero,” was written as a bonus for readers who bought a book directly from the publisher.

Hot Steamy Shorts
Neil Plakcy (January 2014)


“Good practice for being a bodyguard,” Liam said, cutting into the frittata. “You’ve got to be able to roll with whatever happens.” He speared a piece of egg and sausage and tasted it. “This is great.”

“Thank you.”

Liam put the fork and knife down. “You know I love you, don’t you? You’re the only man for me, and my life has become so much better since you came into it.”

“I know. And I love you too. But I can’t help being jealous sometimes. You’re the most gorgeous man I’ve ever known, and I keep thinking every gay man is going to think the same thing and want to fuck you.”

“I have a good body. But I’m not gorgeous. And you’re no slouch yourself. You have nothing to worry about.”

After dinner, they worked together to pack the rest of the boxes that had to be shipped to France, and by nine o’clock, they were both ready for bed. “Where’s the guy who’s taking over our lease?” Aidan asked.

“Probably still at the bar. I’ll go over there and give him the key to the courtyard door.”

“I’ll go with you,” Aidan said.

“So you can get into a catfight with my ex-boytoy? I don’t think so.” He leaned over and kissed Aidan on the lips. “If I’m not back in five minutes, you can be the top tonight.”

“I can be the top whenever I want to,” Aidan said to Liam’s back, though he knew it wasn’t really true. But the thought of fucking his handsome, muscular boyfriend made his dick jump, and he set the timer on his watch, hoping Liam would be delayed.

Aidan stripped down and prepared the bed for a fuck session, with a towel protecting the comforter and bottles of body oil and lube. He watched the timer count down the last minute, eyes fastened on the courtyard. With ten seconds to go, Liam emerged from the bar’s back door and strolled outside.

He stood there, nonchalantly looking up at the stars, as the seconds counted down. Aidan’s mouth was dry, and his dick was throbbing. The timer dinged, and then Liam began walking slowly across the courtyard.

When he entered the bedroom, Aidan was standing beside the bed, holding his dick in his right hand. With his left he pointed toward the bed.

Liam smiled and began a slow, sexy striptease, pulling his polo shirt up over his six-pack abs, pushing it up until it revealed the hard brown nubs of his nipples and the gold rings threaded through each one. He yawned and stretched extravagantly, burrowing his head in the fabric as he lifted the shirt off.

Aidan licked his lips with anticipation. His dick was already leaking precome.

Liam smiled as his head emerged from the shirt, which he tossed to the floor. He slid his right hand under his waistband and massaged his stiff dick as he made eye contact with Aidan. Then he pulled his hand out and unbuttoned the cargo shorts. He kicked off his deck shoes, then stretched again. As his body shimmied, the shorts fell to the floor, and he stepped out of them, wearing only his jockstrap.

He turned his back to Aidan and placed his palms flat on the bedroom wall, then adjusted his stance, giving Aidan full access to his smooth round ass, framed by the pristine white straps.

Aidan licked his lips again and crossed the room. He went down on his knees, pulled aside the jockstrap, and began tonguing Liam’s ass. Liam moaned with pleasure as Aidan pressed the edges of his tongue together and penetrated his partner with it. Once he was slicked up, Aidan inserted his index finger and began probing.

“Yeah.” Liam exhaled.

Aidan considered moving on to two fingers—but his dick was so ready to plow Liam’s ass that he couldn’t resist. He stood up and squeezed some lube into his hand. He rubbed it onto his dick, which vibrated with pleasure and need.

He stood behind Liam and positioned his dick at his partner’s ass. He grabbed Liam’s hips with both hands and pushed forward. He met some initial resistance, and he felt Liam taking a few deep breaths and opening his ass, and then Aidan was in.

It felt so amazing to have his dick encased in his partner’s ass. He could feel Liam’s pulse, smell his unique aroma of sweat and lime-scented cologne. His hairy chest rested against Liam’s smooth back. The sweat from his hands slipped and slid on Liam’s hips.

Liam was so much taller than Aidan, though, that wall-fucking always got too difficult. Without any communication between them, Aidan pulled back, and Liam knelt on the bed, presenting his puckered asshole to Aidan, who stepped up behind him, pried the cheeks apart, and slid his dick inside.

He began an in-and-out rhythm, holding on to Liam’s hips for balance. Then they both heard the sound of loud laughter from the courtyard.

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Victor J. Banis said...

well, that certainly warmed up a cold morning! thanks, both

Neil Plakcy said...

Thanks, Victor! I'm sure you can do with some warming up there in the snowy north!