Monday, November 3, 2014

Dreams of a Calico Mouse : The Poems of Dorien Grey excerpt by Roger Margason

The poems of Roger Margason, author of the Dick Hardesty series and the Elliot Smith and John Mysteries

Dreams of a Calico Mouse: The Poems of Dorien Grey
Amazon Digital Services Inc (March 25, 2014)
  • ASIN: B00J9MI5H0

Of Time and Cookies

It was a time of ritual,

a time of coffee and cookies

inserted between games of solitaire

and the evening news.

It was a time when he was free

to be who he no longer was;

a time to be young enough to dream

dreams which could still be fulfilled.

The space between each sip of coffee,

each small bite of cookie, could be filled

with thoughts of friends no longer dead, and memories

of a bed warm with a body other than his own.

After the ritual, he returned to the world as it was.

He washed his coffee cup and replaced it in the cupboard,

then closed the box of cookies and put it on a high shelf,

in hopes the cockroaches would not find it.

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Victor J. said...

This is a wonderful book of poetry - if memory serves, I reviewed it on Amazon - in any
case, I highly recommend it - of course to poetry lovers, but even if you don't consider yourself one, I think this might change your mind