Monday, September 10, 2012

Chaser excerpt by Rick R Reed

Rick R Reed’s Chaser, a love story about a thin gay man who is attracted to men who have "a little meat on their bones", is one of his most unusual--and, he hopes, fulfilling--love stories.

Rick wrote Chaser because he wanted to have a non-conventional romantic hero and make him the love interest. He wanted a “real world” man, not some fantasy ideal of perfection. We don’t see too many gay romances with heavier men as the object of affection and desire and Chaser explores that attraction (which in gay parlance is referred to as “chubby chasing”—not flattering, but there you have it). It also explores, on a deeper level, what happens when a person you love’s appearance changes.

There’s plenty of drama aboard and a very sweet and satisfying resolution. Hope you’ll give Chaser a…taste.


Caden DeSarro is what they call a chubby chaser. He likes his guys with a few extra pounds on them. So when he meets Kevin Dodge in a bar bathroom, he can’t help but stare, even if he does make an ass of himself. As far as Caden is concerned, Kevin is physically perfect: a stocky bearded blond with a dick that’s just right. (They met in the bathroom—of course he looked!) But Caden gets tongue-tied and misses his chance.

When Caden runs into Kevin one night on the el train, he figures it’s fate offering him a second shot. Caden manages to get invited back to Kevin's place for a one-night stand that turns into the kind of relationship he’s dreamed about.

But the course of true love never did run smooth, and Kevin and Caden’s romance is no exception. When Caden returns from a few weeks away on business, Kevin surprises him with a new and “improved” body—one that fits his shallow friend Bobby’s ideal, not Caden’s. Caden doesn’t know what to do, and his hesitation is just the opportunity Bobby was looking for. This isn’t the same Kevin he fell in love with… is it?

Dreamspinner Press (August 23, 2012)
ISBN: 978-1-61372-585-6


And here's an exclusive excerpt, where our hero meets the one-night stand from Hell:

Caden opened his eyes to see Matt crouched on the floor beneath what appeared to be a 42-inch plasma screen TV, loading up the blu-ray player beneath it. The TV was the only thing that looked new—and clean—in the entire apartment. Caden guessed Matt was putting in some mood-setting porn, and although the prospect was tawdry and sleazy, he was all for anything that would accelerate the inevitable.

He longed for the comfort of his own, clean, sheets.

He undid the top button of his jeans and lowered his zipper to about half-mast. He was pleased to feel he was actually getting a little aroused at the thought of new porn and the prospect of Matt’s drunken lips on his cock.

Matt joined him back on the futon, his shoulders touching Caden’s. Casually, Caden let his left hand slide onto Matt’s thigh and let it rest there while Matt aimed a remote at the opposite wall.

Imagine Caden’s surprise when what came up on the screen was not the latest offering from Hot Desert Knights, Catalina, or Treasure Island Media, but that 1980’s Christmas classic Scrooged, starring Mr. Bill Murray. While Caden had seen the movie and certainly found it an amusing take on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, it just seemed, well, weird, that a trick would put it on now. For one thing, it was October, so the movie was clearly inappropriate.

For another, who the hell put on a Christmas comedy to heat things up with a trick?

Am I really here? Is this really happening? Caden wondered as he watched the opening images of the film, before glancing down at his own hand, lying hotly on Matt’s blue-jeaned thigh.

It was then he heard the snore. He looked up to see Matt’s handsome face in repose, mouth open and drooling, head lolling on the back edge of the futon.

Really? You’ve fallen asleep on me? Seriously? This is what I trekked over here for? Scrooged and a sleeping alcoholic? This is what my life has become?

Caden leaned forward, “Dude, wake up. Don’t you wanna play? I thought we were gonna get into some nasty sex.” He squeezed the ample bulge between Matt’s thighs to no result, other than Matt slumping over dramatically onto the pillows at one end of the couch. The beer bottle Matt had heretofore clutched expertly in his drunken paw, dropped to the carpeted floor with a thud, spraying foam on the already stained carpet.

Caden refastened his belt and rezipped his pants. Getting lucky tonight was looking more and more out of the question.

Ya think?

He got up from the futon, crossed the room and pulled a wad of paper towels from the rack suspended over the sink, trying to ignore the cockroach skittering madly among the dirty dishes piled there. “Fella, you’re about the only one showing a little life in this hovel. Good for you!”

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Victor j. Banis said...

very funny, Rick, I dated that guy. I recommended this book to a man on Kage's blog (The Face of Gay?) who is very overweight and very despondent, I suggested it might change his image of himself.I told him there are lots of guys who would see him as attractive, regardless of his weight.

Lloyd Meeker said...

Me too! I brought him home and he promptly fell asleep until I made him coffee in the morning. Woo hoo.

Rick, your choice of Scrooged! is perfect. Guess we've all been scrooged over at least once...

AlanChinWriter said...

Nice work, Rick. You drew me right in and kept me there with interesting details.