Monday, February 13, 2012

The Men of Grand Street excerpt by Mykola Dementiuk

In The Men of Grand Street, by Mykola Dementiuk,all students need teachers, someone to nurture and guide them as they grow up in their turbulent years. But what does a tough, NYC kid need that he already doesn't have? Perhaps a little love would be a benefit for both of them, teacher and student, both learning from one another. Is it possible for a young boy to teach and learn from his teacher? The men of Grand Street will learn these lessons, in more ways than just one. But will they get an A+ or a failing F grade? Find out for yourself in the Men of Grand Street.

The Men of Grand Street
Noble Romance
ISBN 978-1-60592-508-0


We kissed, a little longer, a little more certain, giving into a melting, an oozing that was creating a new being, a sexual one, because what is that of two men coming together but that of sex? And it was bliss! My eyes were shut, but my senses opened. I felt everything about him, his lust, his power, his manliness/femininity that made me fall so readily at the sight of him just weeks ago. I drooled after him as he drooled after me. I had seen my lover but still had done nothing to attract him to me. I was scared, very frightened, but also ashamed, and that is why I had run and avoided him. But now, his longing lashed onto mine, and we kissed, we felt, we became one that could not be torn apart. Twice, I felt the euphoria of ejaculation coming upon me, but still I kept my lips clutched to his as if by separation our world would fall apart.

And it did. He broke from me, red faced and out of breath, saliva streaking from my mouth. I watched him raise his arm, and his fingers stroking the wetness on my lips.

"Such a sweet boy," he sighed, "A lovely boy."

I lowered my gaze, strangely embarrassed by what he was saying.

"You shared yourself with me, spilling your seed with mine. Our bodies met, we became one, and now we are a couple. So very lovely."

I nodded. "I came twice; I was so fucking hot!"

His lips met mine again, and we briefly kissed, but I pulled away, pushing him off me.

"I have to go," I said, zipping my pants and turning from him.

He grabbed my arm. "Go where? No, please don't go. You're too lovely. Let's go to my place. It's close, on Grand Street, near the bridge. You can see the park from my window and people walking by. You like that, don't you. Lovely, lonely boys like you." And he winked as if we were sharing a secret.

I shook my head and pulled back from his arm.

"You keep saying that, but what's so lovely about me? You don't know me."

Our eyes met, he stared at me, slowly nodding. "I know what you're after," he said, staring right at me. "You're after me!"

I squirmed from him, shaking my head. "You're nuts. I was here just taking a piss when you came in and attacked me."

He snorted. "Kissing is attacking?" Again, he shook his head. "That's a new one, that's for sure. We kissed each other because we wanted to. You were as hungry for me as I was hungry for you. It's a common biological response." And he winked at me, faintly smiling. "Give into it; you'll be a very happy man afterwards."

I looked at him, lowering my gaze. Of course, he was right. I had kissed him as though I had never kissed before, which of course I hadn't. Oh, the beauty and wonder of two sets of lips meeting. I could die like that forever . . . .

"Grand Street?" I muttered shyly. "That's close, no?"

He beamed at me. "Oh yes, very, very close."

We left the restroom, holding hands in the desolate river walkway. Young and old and holding hands . . . . Ah, if we could only hold hands openly forever, I thought.
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Victor J Banis said...

Ah, well, what can I say about Mick's writing that hasn't been said before, and by my betters. He is indeed the bard of the New York streets, a window onto a world that is gone now, but lingers on in memory. Thanks, Mick, for the memories.

Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

Glad to be a service Victor. My memory helps in getting through the dull and boring reality that is today, because when I write I'm swept back into the seedy but vibrant streets of yesterday. How my heart aches for those days...

AlanChinWriter said...

Sexy and vivid, a great excerpt, Mick. That could be the best discription of a kiss I've ever read. Nice piece of writing.

Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

Thanks Alan, I sure like my kissing and of course, to get kissed back ;) What till you read my other one, The Kisser, A Masculine Femininity, will be out soon from JMS Books.