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Caught By Surprise excerpt by L D Madison

In Caught By Surprise by L D Madison, Federal Agents Jason Lowery and Noah Black wake up in bed naked, but neither one knows how they got to the remote cabin. Jason fears his partner's reaction and the potential fallout if their superiors ever find out. He had misread a fellow officer's interest once and lost it all - his career, his friends, his family's respect. This time around, he would not be the one risking everything.

Noah has always been curious about sex with another man, but his strict up-bring and life in law enforcement made it impossible to explore that side of his nature safely. When he and Jason get locked in a cabin by a well-meaning friend, Noah wants to sample the forbidden.

Both men agree to a single afternoon of passion.

When they are released from the cabin, Jason wants to see where a relationship with Noah might lead. However, Noah is not ready to make such a radical lifestyle change -and he doesn't think he'll ever be ready to come out to friends and family.

Caught By Surprise
Loose-Id (September 21, 2010)
ISBN: 978-1-60737-859-4


Caught in the midst of an arousing dream, Noah snuggled into the bed, hoping to ward off the chill in the room with the enticing warmth that wrapped around him from behind. Surrendering to his dream lover's embrace, he shivered as a hand at his waist skimmed idly down, softly caressing his navel. He held his breath in anticipation when calloused fingers continued their path downward. He was all in favor of having those skillful fingers wrap around his hardening cock.

Shifting back, Noah moaned, hoping it would encourage his lover to touch him more intimately. He trembled when the wicked hand wrapped around his cock and stroked up and down, up and down. Occasionally, a fingertip would rub the head, tracing the tiny slit, until all he could do was whimper and plead, “Faster, harder.” He knew it was nothing but a forbidden dream, yet his face heated at the sounds he made, the dirty words he whispered.

Maybe there was something to his shrink's advice after all.

Reaching back, Noah curled his fingers on the muscled thigh behind him. His lover's skin was hot, and the tiny, coarse hairs tickled his palm while a hard cock rubbed against him. When his lover's fingers burrowed between his buttocks and circled his sensitive hole, Noah hissed and arched at the shock of pleasure curling up his spine. Who would have thought a simple touch could make him throb that way?

Noah gasped as his lover rubbed the tip of his erection across Noah's twitching entrance but never made an effort to breach him.

At the persistent thrust and friction, his lover simultaneously matched the speed of his strokes on his cock. Noah's mind was reeling; he didn't know whether to focus on the delicious sensations coming from his ass or the viselike grip on his cock. Either way, he wished he could capture the sensations so he could replay them over and over again.

Sliding the covers off, he glanced down, amazed at how real those fingers felt around his cock. Noah couldn't remember ever having such a vivid dream before. He arched his back and hissed when his lover's cock pushed harder, nudging briefly into his body but barely penetrating. Part of him wanted to scream, Stop teasing and fuck me! but his rigid upbringing locked the words in his throat, choking him with shame and regret.

Pushing away the encroaching reality, he focused on his lover, an anchor in the enjoyment of his dreams. Within seconds, Noah cried out, coming furiously against the strong fingers coaxing more and more pleasure from him.

And he was not the only one.

Behind him, his lover thrust frantically between his buttocks and thighs, an unrelenting drive to reach his own satisfaction. As his lover came, Noah felt a hot, sticky fluid on his thighs and a muted shout against his neck.

He didn't know whether it was his heart thudding loudly or his lover's, but both spent several minutes panting and catching their breath.

Sometime later, Noah stretched languidly. Opening his eyes, he glanced at the alarm clock and froze; his small apartment bedroom did not have swanky decor, nor was it done up in delicate blues. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around the room, but everything remained the same -- foreign, unfamiliar.

There was a blue canopy over the bed, covering dark wood posts in a shiny material that looked soft and expensive. He reached down to the silky sheet gathered around his hips, which felt heavenly against his skin. Even the mattress was cozier than anything he'd ever slept in.

Suddenly wide-awake, he realized that a stranger's hand was still loosely wrapped around his prick.

“Oh my God.” Covering his mouth, he closed his eyes briefly, hysterically searching for an answer, a memory, an explanation of how he'd ended up in a stranger's bed -- and having sex -- with a man.

“Damn…what the hell's wrong with me?” the other man muttered groggily.

His heart chilled; he recognized that voice. Jason. Oh my God, I'm in bed with one of my agents… Shit!

Inching away from the hot, sweaty body behind him, Noah staggered off the bed, feeling decidedly hungover, his mind in a fog. Bracing himself against the mattress, he glared at Jason, who was reclining against large pillows and apparently searching for something to wipe away the cum dripping from his hand.

Noah flushed when he realized it was his cum on the blond's hand.

Cheeks flaming, Jason kept his gaze averted as he picked up the edge of the nearest bedsheet and wiped his hand clean.

Staring down at himself, Noah could see a trickle of Jason's semen trailing down the insides of his legs. He'd never seen anything more disturbing in his life. After grabbing one of the sheets, he wiped at the sticky mess, his actions a bit rougher than necessary. When he'd cleaned up as best he could, he gingerly wrapped the sheet around his hips.

“What the hell happ--”

He slapped a hand over Jason's mouth, silencing him abruptly. Waking up in a strange place, under strange circumstances -- it was best not to let anyone know they were conscious.

When blue eyes met his gaze, Noah shook his head and pointed toward the open door. Nodding, Jason got up from the bed and dragged a sheet around his body, making a loose knot at his side.

Both stepped away from the bed and did a quick search of the room, looking for their guns and clothes. When nothing turned up, Noah reached for an ornate candlestick, and Jason grabbed a slim, dark statue from the nightstand. Approaching the open doorway cautiously, they were met with silence and stillness from the outer room.

Noah gave Jason instructions using familiar hand signals. At the blond's nod, he inched around the door frame, taking in the cream-colored walls and extensive bookshelves that lined two walls. A wide window was set into the longest wall, letting weak winter sunlight stream into the room. Cushy armchairs were placed around an unlit fireplace, and an elegant area rug protected Noah's bare feet from the cold hardwood floor.

Cautiously, they explored the room, checking for anything that would give them a hint of their whereabouts and whoever was responsible for their current predicament.

Their search revealed a phone with no service, and no other way to get a message out. The windows and doors were locked, and no amount of force made them budge a centimeter. If there were bugs or cameras in the room, they were undetectable, even to agents with law-enforcement training.

Noah and Jason were all alone in the expensive cabin with no viable exits -- a gilded cage of sorts.

“Noah, you need to see this.” Jason stood by massive glass doors framed by snowy white curtains.

Coming to stand by his friend, Noah gazed out at the frost-covered woodland surrounding the dwelling. No matter which direction he looked, there was nothing but naked trees and cloudless sky. Wherever they'd been taken, the location seemed fairly remote.

Frustrated, Noah tried the doorknob, but it twisted uselessly in his hand. “Shit. Did you see any other exits?”

“Yeah, two, but they're locked from the outside and state-of-the-art. Nothing we can jimmy or pick.” Jason shook his head, still scanning the clearing for any sign of guards posted around the perimeter.

“Fuck!” Noah smacked the glass hard, but the pane didn't even vibrate under the force of the blow. “I can't believe we got ambushed so easily. They got the drop on us like we were a couple of rookies.” He hated making mistakes, especially ones that endangered his life and the lives of his men. “Let's see if we can find something heavy so we can break the glass.”

“We can try, but then we'll be out in twenty-degree weather with no clothes, shoes, money, guns, or cell phones. I don't think we'll get very far. Besides, we're not in imminent danger.” Jason's expression was neutral, typical for the ex-soldier. “So, any theories on how we ended up here?”

Noah rubbed his eyes. “Not a clue. None of the cases we're working fit the profile for whoever owns this place, and none of the perps we've put away in the last three years are anywhere near parole. We must be missing something obvious.” He tried to focus on the few facts they had, but he was having a hard time concentrating with everything that had already happened that morning.

“Still,” Jason said, sarcasm tingeing his voice, “it can't be a coincidence that we're both here, groggy and naked. Where did you get taken?”

“In a downtown parking garage,” Noah said vaguely. “You?”

“Coming out of the diner near the office.” Jason smiled wryly. “Do you think anyone's realized we're missing yet?”

Resting his head against the window, Noah sighed. “They might not miss me right away since I've been ducking out of the office lately, but you're like clockwork. They'll miss you before they miss me.”

“Are you all right?” Jason watched him carefully.

“Yeah, of course, I'm fine.” He delivered the line automatically, closing down that line of questioning immediately. But in the back of his mind, Noah heard his shrink telling him to trust his friends and teammates with more than just his life.

Noah took a deep breath. “I've been seeing someone -- a doctor --”

Alarmed, Jason interrupted, “What? Are you sick?”

“Not that way.” He hesitated, touched by the blond's concern. “After the shooting a few months back, I had to get a psych-evaluation release.” Noah blushed and looked away. “Once I got the all-clear, the shrink asked me to come back. He thought there were other issues I needed to work through.” Noah cleared his throat, embarrassed that he'd visited a shrink for personal reasons.

As Noah's words sank in, Jason teased, “Noah Black is in therapy?”

“Fuck you,” Noah shot back without any real anger.

Before Jason could respond, the phone rang, making a shrill noise in the cavernous room.

“I thought the line was dead,” Jason said as he approached the desk in the far corner.

“It was when I tried it. No dial tone and no dialing out,” Noah replied, standing next to Jason. Reaching out, he pressed the Speaker button.

An arrogant, satisfied voice came over the line. “I hope you liked my gift, Jason.”

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Victor J. Banis said...

Oh, ha ha, what fun! This is certainly a unique opening scene, promising much in the way of reading pleasure. Good Job, L.D.


LD Madison said...

Thanks so much, Victor. Coming from you - it's twice the compliment.