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Stardust: Book 4 of the Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay by Claire Thompson

In Stardust, Book 4 of the series Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay by Claire Thompson, what starts out as a routine emergency call, lands Gordon Flanders and Dennis Wilson in the thick of a madcap drag queen party gone wild. Gordon finds himself in a position to save Ben Ryder, his old lover, from a fiasco that could ruin the movie star's career. Gordon volunteers to hide the movie star from the paparazzi until he can get a flight back to L.A. Thrilled by what he sees as his second chance with the man he never got over, the star struck Gordon plans a romantic dinner for two that he hopes will set the stage for more - much more.

Dennis and Gordon outwardly agree love affairs and work relationships shouldn't mix. Inside Dennis' heart, however, it's a different story. Too shy to press past Gordon's defenses, he settles for being the best friend he can, even when it means helping Gordon plan the seduction of another man.

When events collide to reveal Ben's true colors, Gordon's heart is trampled in the process, and it's left to Dennis to pick up the pieces. Will Dennis finally find the courage to seize his own second chance at love? And with the stardust falling from Gordon's eyes, will he finally see the real star who has been in front of him the entire time?

Romance Unbound Publishing (2010)
ISBN: 9781615081776


Gordon looked deep into Dennis’ eyes and Dennis found he couldn’t turn away. He felt something electric arcing between them like live current. Gordon leaned forward, closing his eyes, parting his lips, the invitation clear.

Dennis pulled back, though his lips were actually tingling with anticipation. “Ah, Gordon. I can’t…”

“You can’t kiss me?” Gordon opened his eyes. He moved his hand from Dennis’ thigh to his crotch, resting it lightly over the bulge. “Why not? I want it. I want to kiss you. Come ‘ere…” His voice was slurred.

“You’re drunk.” Despite himself, Dennis’ cock swelled beneath Gordon’s touch.

“So? Here.” Gordon picked up the scotch bottle and waved it toward Dennis. “Have a few mouthfuls of this. Then you’ll be drunk too.” Dennis stared at Gordon, at his eyes hooded with lust and the promise in his sensual half-smile.

All at once Dennis grabbed the bottle and tipped it to his lips. Why not? Why the fuck not? The liquor burned going down, hitting his stomach and spreading rapidly to his limbs. “God damn you, Gordon Flanders,” he said softly. “How the fuck can I say no?”

He closed his eyes against the look of triumph in Gordon’s, needing the kiss too much to care. His hands and mouth seemed to have a mind of their own. He reached blindly for Gordon, catching him in a strong embrace as their lips met. Eagerly, almost desperately, he explored Gordon’s mouth.

Gordon was stroking his back and shoulders as their tongues moved together.

Greedily, Dennis ran his fingers through Gordon’s thick, curling hair, at the same time pulling him closer. He was aware of his heart banging against the curve of his ribs. Ah, god, this mattered too much, too much.

Dennis pulled back, trying to compose himself, to catch his breath. Gordon opened his eyes, his lips still parted from their kiss, gleaming in the soft light. His eyes were shining. He reached out, again putting his large hand over Dennis’ crotch. Dennis was achingly hard, and Gordon’s touch triggered a shudder of lust he couldn’t control. He tried to fight it, but knew he was going under.

Gordon reached for the bottle again. He poured, completely missing the glass and dumping several ounces over his lap and splashing a little on Dennis as well. “Shit,” he said, laughing. “I guess I’m thinker than I drunk I am.” He offered a goofy grin.

Dennis stood abruptly, taking the bottle from Gordon’s hand. This was not how it was going to happen with Gordon. If it happened at all. “You’ve had enough. You’re a mess. I’m going to go—”

“No!” Gordon grabbed Dennis’ arm. “Don’t go. Please. Don’t go. I’m sorry. I was fooling around. I’m not that drunk.”

“Yeah, right,” Dennis snapped.

“No, really. Look, I’ll just jump in the shower. That’ll sober me up. Two seconds. Don’t go, please?” Gordon reached for Dennis’ face, running his fingers down Dennis’ cheek and pressing them lightly against his lips. “Wait for me, okay?” His voice was filled with promise.

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Victor J. Banis said...

very sexy. And takes me back, too. Isn't it funny, the old, "God, I was so drunk last night," business. If I had a nickle for every time I heard that one...