Monday, January 11, 2010

NIGHTLIFE excerpt by Dale Lazarov & Bastian Jonsson

NIGHTLIFE, written and edited by Dale Lazarov, drawn by Bastian Jonsson and colored by Yann Duminil, is a collection of three gay erotic comics set in different kinds of nightlife. The first story is “Hard Cases” in which two very sexy singer-songwriters — the guys on the cover of the book — meet at an open mike in a gay bar and hook up to take their creativity and skills into the bedroom. In “Layover”, a young handsome businessman and a leonine muscledaddy meet at an airport bar. When all flights are cancelled, they turn the setback in their travel plans into an overnight affair to remember. The third and last story in the book, “Closing Time”, features a hot, scary biker bouncer and a muscly/hairy/scruffy punk boy.

Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag GmbH(November, 2009)
ISBN 10: 3867870446
ISBN 13: 9783867870443


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Victor J. Banis said...

I've commented on these elsewhere - very intriguing and as you say, Eric,something new and a part of glbt lit that is too often ignored. Good stuff, Dale