Monday, July 20, 2009

Ignited excerpt by Bryl R Tyne

In Ignited by Bryl R Tyne, Val & Kendra are back at it again, and as usual, they have few qualms about public sex... T-girls need love too. Sometimes, need outweighs time or place...

Fireworks in Orlando-the crowds, Val's attitude, the unbearable Florida humidity ... Can Kendra survive the heat? When public make-up sex inside the prop room of a local art studio turns into an excursion into mind-blowing group sex, Val shows Kendra fireworks like she's never experienced!

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing (July, 2009)
ISBN: 9781605920467


What the f--?

Val poked his head around the door as it opened, grin plastered cheek to cheek. "Here you are."

No shit . . . . "Do you mind?"

Apparently not; he continued to smile and open the door. I'd never understand men. Specifically--him. "For chrissake, Val, close the--Ow!" I knew that dispenser was a safety hazard "Damnit, Val, just get out until I'm through!"

Never discount his relentlessness. I learned that months ago. His persistence is what brought us together in the first place.


"The door?"

"Kendra, listen . . . ."

What happened to the days when he would leave me to my fits, to sort things out on my own? Sometimes, I wondered.

"You're not wearing it?"

His surprise at my wearing stretch panties instead of a gaff was understandable. We'd argued about it for weeks. Taking chances in exposing any unwanted facets about myself wasn't something I was fond of. He was certain though, and downloading page after page from medical websites, had taken extremes to prove that gaffs were a risk to my well-being. Looking back, I realized today was not the best day to decide to heed his advice. "I don't want to talk about it."

Arms crossed, he leaned against the now-closed door, waiting for me to finish. He twisted to the wall opposite the sink, as I tucked myself between my legs, making sure all features were in place, and pulled up my panties. After flushing, I stopped in front of the mirror for one last makeup check.

Val embraced me from behind,wrapping me in those arms I might have welcomed earlier, but not now. Refusing me space, he hesitated on my hips as I pushed him away. I tried not to dwell on the stuffiness of the room, closed my eyes, and leaned on the sink.

"You're beautiful, Kendra."

"Don't we have a fireworks show to get to?"

My head nearly banged into the mirror as he leaned over me to plant kisses across the back of my neck. Why'd he have to come on so strong, feel so warm, so inviting -- and hard?" I'm sorry."

For what? Why couldn't I be moody without him coming uncorked? Taking it personal. His insecurities irked me. Or was it just dumb perseverance, like that of a faithful dog? Why he tried so hard to please me, I didn't think I'd ever understand. His presence served only to make the closet-sized room that much stuffier. After shrugging him off me, I motioned him to move so I could swing open the door. "Val, come on. Give it a rest."

Squished behind the halfway-open door, Val grumbled as I edged past him and out of the room. But before I cleared the doorway, he had me by the arm. I struggled, trying to get out of his grasp, only to have him tighten his hold. "Damn it, Val!"

"Kendra, stop it!"

I yanked. Cursing, he followed, hitting the sink hard, tripping over his feet, tumbling after me, and taking us both to the floor. A chair piled high with scarves teetered off-kilter by our fall, and we found ourselves smothered in a cushiony blanket of stage props.

As Val pushed to his knees, I flipped over onto my back, tossing scarves and stoles to the side. His clinginess today had me at my wit's end."What the fuck's wrong with you?"


Exposed and trapped, his hands on either side of my head, I fought to wriggle my skirt over my panties. With one hand, he swiped at the neon tangerine orange boa hanging lopsided from his neck. Highlighted by the bright color, his gaze, heavy and dark, pleading for peace. Expression tight, his pouting, bottom lip teased me. Even his faux sternness was cute. Intending to give him my best dirty look, I broke out laughing instead.

"This isn't funny, Kendra."

"Oh,Val." Wrapping a thin stole around his head, I drew him closer,nose to nose, our gazes locked. "I think baby blue is more your col--" His lips covered mine, stealing my words. My breath followed as he lowered himself onto me. He pressed with his tongue, and wanting nothing more at that moment than him inside me, I pulled on the blue silk draped around him. Jesus, I loved what his mouth did for me; those lips, soft but firm, his tongue sliding over then under mine, enticing me to explore him. Though his shadowed face scraped my chin and burned my lips, I remapped his mouth once again, sure I would never tire of ....

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Mykola Dementiuk said...

More intensity, shows they're getting closer... 'If I Were A Lady...' wasn't bad but this one seems to be getting them nearer in more ways than just sexually. I liked it.

Victor J. Banis said...

well that's a steamy way to start the day. My coffee had gotten cold, and now it's aboil again! I wonder what these two can do for my buns (cinnamon, of course)


Bryl R. Tyne said...

Thank you both for the awesome comments. Mick, yours is especially appreciated since I know you read Val and Kendra's first book and understand them.

And, Victor...With the voyeurism and exhibitionism in this steamy read, its not your buns these two will have worked up, I assure you ;)

Thanks, Guys!