Monday, April 27, 2009

Self Preservation excerpt by Ethan Day

Davis always assumed they would wind up back together, until Jack calls and invites Davis to his wedding to Tadd Austin, a prominent architect in Chicago. Jack's only known Tadd for two weeks, so whatever Jack feels for Tadd couldn't possibly compare to what he shared with Davis. There's no way in hell Davis can stand by and watch the life he always expected to get back slip away to some guy Jack barely knows. Tadd Austin, indeed…more like Toad Ass-ton, Davis thinks.

With his best friend, fashion designer Deseree Wildwood in tow, Davis has to shed his sweet, guy-next-door persona, and re-vamp his image into a self-confident, hot piece of eye candy. He's going to the wedding with only one goal in mind: to do whatever it takes to win back Jack. The Toad is toast!

Once in Chicago, Davis discovers it isn't going to be as easy as he thought. Not only is Tadd very un-Toad-like, but a mysterious British playboy named Alex Parker manages to interject himself into the mix. Only true love will survive as the tug of war ensues in this Bermuda love triangle from hell.

Self Preservation
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC (2009)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-869-3


Davis jumped as someone ran a hand over his ass. He whirled around but couldn't tell who'd done it. Shaking his head and muttering under his breath, he returned to Deseree and Alex, who were laughing hysterically. Deseree handed Davis his cocktail.

"You have to come visit me the next time you're in New York," Deseree said to Alex.

"Darling, I will," Alex said, glancing up at Davis. "We can tear through the city being shamelessly decadent."

"I'm your gal," said Deseree.

Davis rolled his eyes and moved forward a step to make room for two men who stepped up to the bar laughing as they waited for the bartender.

"Exactly what is it you do, Alex?" Davis asked as Alex placed a hand on the small of his back.

"It's just like Tadd to throw himself a bachelor party like that," one guy said. "Have you ever been to a bachelor party where the mother-in-law was the main event? Where were the goddamn strippers?"

"Oh, she's here too," the other guy said in a can-you-believe-it tone.

"The mother-in-law?" the first guy said, as Davis looked at Deseree and frowned.

"It's sick, isn't it," the second guy said. "I really hate Tadd. Nothing bothers him. It's not natural…the fucking Boy Scout."

"Nothing except bad press, the vain prick," the first guy added, laughing as Davis smiled and chuckled to himself. "A nice fucking scandal in the tabloids would probably kill him."

The two men laughed, grabbed their drinks, and walked back into the crowd. Davis peeked over at Deseree, and they both smiled. Davis scanned the room and spotted Candace on the dance floor surrounded by shirtless, sweaty men, twirling and laughing.

"People can be so beastly," Alex said with a smile.

Davis took a sip from his now-lukewarm martini. "It's really quite disgusting."

"I think it's deliciously fun," Deseree said, clapping her hands and giggling.

Alex placed his hand on Deseree's knee. "You and I are going to get along famously."

"Time will tell," Deseree said with a wink.

"Deseree, since you're one of the few people who apparently knows Davis, perhaps you might tell me what one has to do to win his favor."

"You mean get in his pants?" Deseree asked, looking up and placing her hand on her chin. "Do you know any hit men?"

"Deseree, honestly," Davis said, shaking his head as he moved away from Alex and turned to face him. "Look, Alex, I'm sure you're a very sweet man…"

"Ouch," Alex said, placing a hand on his chest. "That one really hurt."

"I'm going to be perfectly honest with you."

"Darling, please," Alex said, groaning, "anything but that."

"You have something against honesty?" Davis asked, looking irritated.

"In my experience, nothing kills romance like the truth."

"Hear, hear," Deseree said, lifting her glass. "Cheers to the fantasy!"

"Well, brace yourself, buck-o," Davis said to Alex while shooting Deseree a disapproving look.

"Good Lord," Alex said, setting down his cocktail. "Buck-o…really? Who in the name of John Wayne still uses the word buck-o?"

Davis rolled his eyes, completely frustrated as he placed a hand on his hip. "I just don't want to lead you on."

"I don't mind, honestly."

Davis threw his hands in the air as Deseree giggled. He took a deep breath and pointed across the bar toward Jack and Tadd. "You see those two guys over there?"

"The two that are getting married?" Alex asked, raising an eyebrow. Jack noticed Davis pointing at him and waved, smiling.

Davis waved back with a big smile, putting his hand down and turning slightly red. He turned his attention back to Alex.

"That's Jack, he's my ex, and well…I'm here to get him back."

"Christ," Deseree said, looking at Davis in shock. "Why not go and announce it over the loud speaker."

Alex examined Davis with wide eyes. "You're here to break up the wedding?"

"Okay, it sounds worse when you say it," Davis said, scrunching up his face.

"Blow me," Alex said, looking Davis up and down. "You look so sweet and wholesome."

"Yeah, well, he was mine first, and… and…"

"Jolly good fun," Alex said, as a mischievous expression stole over his face.

"Huh?" Davis and Deseree asked at the same time.

"You little vixen, you should let me help."

"What?" Davis asked, looking at Alex suspiciously. "Why?"

"I have nothing better do," Alex said matter-of-factly, "and I'm gorgeous. Let's see if we can make him jealous?"

Davis sucked down the last of his martini. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Oh come on, Davis," Deseree said, patting her hand on the bar. "He's cute. Can't we keep him?"

Davis watched the two of them as they looked up at him like two children who had been naughty but still wanted dessert. He tossed his arms into the air in a full-body shrug.

"He's looking right now," Alex said, getting off his bar stool as Davis turned to look. Alex placed his hands on each side of Davis's face and pressed his lips onto Davis's. He slowly moved his tongue into Davis's mouth. Davis tensed as he closed his eyes, and to his surprise he reciprocated, kissing him back. Alex's full lips covered his and Davis let out a tiny moan as Alex pushed farther into his mouth, massaging Davis's tongue with his. Davis placed his hands on Alex's hips to brace himself as his body began to tremble with chills running up his spine.

Jack stopped talking with the people around him and watched Alex and Davis from across the bar. Tadd looked at Jack and turned to see what Jack was staring at. Tadd rolled his eyes and looked back at Jack before turning his attention back to the group of people they were standing with. Jack excused himself from Tadd and the other men and headed toward Davis.

Davis felt a stirring between his legs as Alex pulled away slightly, looking into Davis's eyes. Alex smiled and gave him another soft kiss, lightly brushing his lips over Davis's. He reached down and gave Davis's ass a little squeeze before pulling away and sitting back down in his bar stool. Davis stood motionless for several seconds as Deseree looked up at him smiling.

"All right, now," Deseree said, slamming her hand onto the bar. "That's what I'm talkin' about."

"Why did you do that?" Davis asked, clearing his throat and trying to compose himself.

"I thought it might help," Alex said, shrugging, obviously pleased with himself, as he took a sip from his glass.

"Help who, you perv?" Davis asked, trying to sound indignant.

"I think it did," Deseree said as Jack came up behind Davis.
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