Monday, March 24, 2008

A Stranger's Table selections by Anne Brooke

Two selections from her second collection of poetry, A Stranger's Table, by Anne Brooke.

A Stranger's Table
Poetry Monthly Press (February 12, 2007)
ISBN: 1905126883



Your rainbow eye beckons me,
ease of sunlight through grass,
symphony of green
as the colours arc, a future not yet taken
in the shiver of fingers, your lips’ enticement,
peach and primrose, citrus,
blueberry, gold –
so well I know the shades your flesh makes
in my star-wild dreaming –
and I wish I could touch you
while the courage is on me
and I think one day I will,
one day soon I will step out of my skin,
the weight of unimagined expectation,
and slip snake-like, huntress and prey,
into your body’s gentle, drifting pasture
to take with me the taste of your breasts
on my tongue, the strange homecoming of sex
with the salt-sea swell of your rising
rocking me to shore.


Your silken skin
laps my eye to milkiness
here as I reach out
and draw my longing fingers
down your hair’s dark welcome
and the curve of your cheek,
feeling the warmth of your mouth
on the intricate stars of my hand.
The scent of you
is lemon and spices on my tongue.
See how I lean
and trace the rise of your shoulders
with my eager lips
so your shape is carved in breathing;
kissing a journey over arms, breasts,legs
and all the honeyed country between us,
I will wrap you, my love,
in the coat of my desire
while around us still
the wild night dreams till morning.

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